• 12 March 2020

CRE publishes a resolution regarding the suspension of the third provision contained in the general administrative resolution of open access

The Energy Regulatory Commission (“CRE”) published in the Federal Official Gazette, the Resolution through which the third provision contained in resolution A/024/2018 is temporarily suspended.

The third provision contained in resolution number A/024/2018 (the “Third Provision”) establishes a term for transporters, storers or operators to submit before CRE a proposal for commissions derived from carrying out open seasons or other mechanisms to facilitate the capacity’s assignment, as well as the costs of technical adjustments. Such commissions may only be claimed when the service is requested by the user or when the user fails to transfer its capacity when it has not been used for two consecutive periods of three months.

Due to the lack of interest of some permit holders in applying a commission scheme as set forth in the Third Provision, CRE deemed it necessary to suspend it, specifically with respect to commissions. These, in order to evaluate the industry's best practices and determine the appropriate scheme to facilitate capacity assignments in the secondary market.

This publication is relevant for transporters, storers and operators performing activities in the secondary capacity market, since the CRE will establish the method by which they may determine a type of consideration for the performance of open seasons or other mechanisms that facilitate capacity assignments.

For more information, the Resolution could be found in the following link: https://bit.ly/3cXdWW7

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