• 24 March 2020

Suspension of legal terms applicable to SEMARNAT and its specialized agencies

Today an Accord executed by the Minister of Environment (SEMARNAT) was published, in the Federal Official Gazette, establishing as non-working days those running from March 23 to April 17th, both of 2020. This measure aims to reduce the level of exposure and risk to COVID-19.

This decision implies that all proceedings begun before March 23rd will be suspended, and the authorities will resume their resolution as of April 20th, 2020 (as the first upcoming working day). Although a reception desk could be established allowing submissions during these days, their assessment will begin on April 20th. This applies to procedures before SEMARNAT, ASEA, PROFEPA, CONANP and CONAGUA.

The administrative procedures affected by this measure may comprise, for instance, the resolution of authorizations and permits, environmental audits as well as inspection and sanctioning proceedings.

TIt bears noting that the Accord includes the establishment of extraordinary or custody shifts, in order for the authorities involved to fulfill with their basic duties, preventing harms to citizens. This means, for example, that ASEA and PROFEPA may put in place the minimum staff required to conduct inspections and establish safety and corrective measures, as the occasion or circumstance requires it.

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