• 16 March 2020


Esteemed ones,

The health and safety of our lawyers, associates, clients and colleagues is our highest priority during this period of uncertainty surrounding the relative status of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

At SOLCARGO we have implemented the recommendations of the health authorities with the firm purpose of maintaining the health and protection of all, as well as maintaining our attention and service to our clients. We will continue to closely monitor the situation to minimize the risk of exposure, while ensuring that service to our customers is uninterrupted.

The success of the company, our customers and our employees are closely intertwined.

To this end, we have activated contingency plans in the event that our attorneys and collaborators do not have access to our office at CDMX due to COVID-19 or any other emergency.

We are working closely with our IT, accounting and operations departments to ensure that we maintain uninterrupted access to all our systems to continue serving our clients effectively, efficiently and professionally.

In addition to these actions, at SOLCARGO we have decided to implement home office during the next few weeks, thus guaranteeing the health and safety of our employees. Working from home means working together.

We are committed in providing you with the service you expect from us. If you have any questions or concerns about how we are responding to the outbreak, or how this will impact your business, please contact us.


The executive team.